This month's selection is from the July - Aug., 1968 B/A DEALER NEWS.

Spark Plug Order Earns "Snapper"

"Snapper" and lady friend. You can earn one - a Snapper, that is - by ordering B-A Prestolite or Champion Spark Plugs. Stock up on B-A Prestolite and Champion Spark Plugs now and you can earn a miniature, eight-transistor radio. It's just a little bigger than a cigarette package and it's called a "Snapper". It features a distinctive, easy- to-read "camera lens" tuning meter and comes complete with an earphone for private listening.

An order of either B-A Prestolite or Champion plugs will earn you a Snapper. Here's how you get yours:

Buy two boxes of regular B-A Prestolite spark plugs at the special price of $21.95, plus 10 additional boxes of Prestolite plugs (your choice) at your regular dealer price.

Or, buy two boxes of regular Champion spark plugs at the special price of $23.95, plus your choice of 10 additional boxes at your regular dealer price.

Snappers have a suggested retail value of $19.95.

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