This is the back of the 'slide viewer' vinyl case.

This month's feature, measuring 8 1/4" by 1 7/8", is the Taylor Merchant slide viewer, PATENT NO. 2789460 OTHER PAT. PEND. Made in Japan exclusively for the Taylor-Merchant Corp., New York, N.Y. The text on the bottom of the viewer at the left, reads TAYLOR-MERCHANT SELL-O-VUE New York, N.Y., Made in U.S.A.

As its name 'slide viewer' would indicate, this item was held to the viewer's eye. By pressing the top and bottom of the accordian style viewer towards each other, thereby increasing the distance from the lens on the front of the viewer, to the slides, they were brought into focus. Through sliding the viewer down, the 8 slides could be viewed, one after the other.

This item would have been used by the Service Station attendant to explain to his customers, the advantages of using filtered B/A gasolines. The item is undated, but the cars illustrated would indicate it is early 1960s.

The following two pages illustrate the 8 slides. On the slides that the text is difficult to read, it is printed below the image.


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