Albert Leroy Ellsworth, was born in Welland, Ontario, on July 2, 1876, the son of George Alfred Ellsworth and Elizabeth Foster. He founded the British American Oil Company at the age of 29, after spending 9 years at Standard Oil's Acme, Buffalo, Refinery. S. R. Parson was the first President of B/A, with Mr. Ellsworth acting as Secretary Treasurer. The corner of King and Yonge Streets in Toronto, Ontario, was the location of the first B/A Office Building. The British American Oil Company Limited, organized with a Province of Ontario Charter dated October 17, 1906, under the authority of King Edward VII, was therefore a British company. American petroleum products were the standards by which the rest the world was measured, so this was a British Company, with American standards, in Canada.

1908:  With 8 shareholders, B/A built Canada’s third refinery on 3 acres of
swampland on the eastern waterfront in Toronto. The main product was
Electrolene (Kerosene), with gasoline, a useless and highly
flammable by-product, being dumped into the swamp.

The main British American Oil Company Limited refinery.

B/A acquired a Dominion Charter, entered Quebec,
and also expanded west.Mr. Ellsworth coined the phrase;

"No one shall offer a better product
nor give better service."

B/A expanded from 3 to 40 acres in Toronto, and crude production was
up to 32,000 barrels per month. Most of the product was hauled in
tanks displaying the slogan mounted on wagons pulled by horses,
and in wooden barrels, by rail.


All B/A outlets were agent owned, and visible gas pumps were becoming popular,
as they allowed customers to check on the quality and cleanliness of the fuels.Visible gas pumps at early service station.

It was about this time that the Vulcan logo was introduced.
The first B/A  logo, the 'Vulcan'.

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