Logos throughout the years: vulcan, lifesaver, bow tie, green red roundel, stylized compass, blue orange roundel, Gulf

1957:  M.S. Beringer retired as president, to be succeeded by
E.D. Brockett, the former vice-president of Gulf Oil.

B/A introduced Velvet 98 gasoline.

  This slogan was revived;

'Clean across Canada'

Mr. B/A was introduced.
Mr. B/A was introduced.

1958:  B/A acquired the Great West Distributors Limited, with the Red Head brand of products. B/A opened its Port Moody, British Columbia Refinery.

1959:  B/A opened its first retail outlet in the Yukon Territory in Whitehorse.

B/A sponsored National Televised Football.B/A sponsored National Televised Football.

B/A presented a silver spoon with the green/red roundel to all employees who experienced the arrival of a child this year, a practice continued for a couple of years.

1960:   E.D. Brocket returned to Gulf to become president,
and E.D. Loughney became president of B/A.

1961:  Canada's largest gas plant at Rimby, Alberta was completed.

B/A Sentinel Tires replaced Fisk Tires,
and Sentinel Service was introduced.

B/A Sentinel Tires.
Fisk Tires.
B/A Sentinel Service.

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