Logos throughout the years: vulcan, lifesaver, bow tie, green red roundel, stylized compass, blue orange roundel, Gulf

1962: B/A acquired the Anglo-American Exploration Company Limited from the Sam and Carl Nickle Group of Calgary.

This gave B/A approximately 700 Purity 99 service
stations and outlets in western Canada and Ontario.
Purity 99 service station.

B/A initiated procedures to purchase the
Royalite Oil Company Limited, which
resulted in Royalite shares increasing in
value by 90% over the next year.

B/A purchased Superior Propane which marketed
propane gas in Ontario and Quebec.
Superior Propane.

1963:B/A acquired a major interest in Anglo-Canadian Oils Limited.
With Anglo-Canadian, Royalite, Purity 99, and Red Head, B/A continued to
market products under these names without the general public knowing
that B/A owned these companies. B/A now had over 9,300 service stations
and various other outlets under these 5 brand names and accounted for
25% of all the service stations in Canada. B/A was reported to be the second
largest oil company in Canada, ranking behind Imperial Oil.

When drilling a well near Swift Current, Saskatchewan, B/A struck a huge
volume of helium and formed an equal partnership with the
British Oxygen Company of England and L'air Liquide of France to form
Canadian Helium Limited to process and market the helium.
Canadian Helium Plant, Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

B/A Durafilm Motor Oil was introduced.
First Durafilm oil.

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