Logos throughout the years: vulcan, lifesaver, bow tie, green red roundel, stylized compass, blue orange roundel, Gulf

1964:  B/A had acquired 96% of the shares of the
Royalite Oil Company Limited, with over 700
Royalite service stations, and bulk station outlets.
Royalite Service Station.

The tin for B/A Durafilm Motor Oil was changed.
Later B/A Durafilm oil tin.

B/A opened a Research and Development facility near Toronto.

Ontario Prime Minister John Robarts, and
B/A President E. D. Loughney, at the opening
of B/A's Research and Development Centre.
Ontario Prime Minister John Robarts, and B/A President E. D. Loughney.

B/A's Research and Development Centre.
B/A's Research and Development Centre.  

     B/A President E.D. Loughney stepped down, to become Senior Vice-President of Gulf Oil, and was replaced by Charles Hay, former President of Royalite, who was to be the last B/A President. B/A set up a United Marketing Organization for Anglo-American Exploration Limited (Purity 99), Anglo-Canadian Oils Limited, The Royalite Oil Company Limited, and Great West Distributors Limited, in western Canada. This new company, known as the Purity 99 Oil Company Limited, took over the marketing functions for the previous 4 companies, while the service aspect was coordinated by Royalite. B/A supplied the products for these companies and it was not public knowledge that B/A owned them. B/A purchased the Seventy-Seven Oils Limited of Alberta (founded in 1938) from Mr. Alex Snowden to get involved in the propane business in that province. Gulf Oil Corp. had now acquired 64.8% of the outstanding shares of B/A.

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