Logos throughout the years: vulcan, lifesaver, bow tie, green red roundel, stylized compass, blue orange roundel, Gulf.

1914:  B/A introduced Nevr-Nox and Peerless Premium Gasoline.
Nevr-nox Gasolene.

1915: B/A introduced Autolene Motor Oil

1916:  B/A relocated to the new
Royal Bank Building in Toronto.

1920:  B/A purchased the Winnipeg Oil Company and expanded operation into the
Prairie Provinces. B/A now offered "British Motor" Gasoline, "Peerless Gasoline",
"Autolene", "Motorene", Ford Motor Oil, Chevrolet Motor Oil, Vulcan Benzine,
Vulcan Anti-Freeze, Vulcan Lubricating Oils, Vulcan Greases, British Metal Polish,
Vulcan Asphaltic Road Oils, Fuel and Gas Oils, Petroleum Coke and Specialties in Oils.

B/A's Western Canada Division Headquarters at Winnipeg

1922: Albert Ellsworth and H.W. Knight incorporated the first company in Canada to
manufacture and sell, amongst other types of service station equipment, a pump
which permitted a visual check of the amount of gasoline delivered to customers,
and it was called appropriately enough, the Clear Vision Pump Company Limited.

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