Logos throughout the years: vulcan, lifesaver, bow tie, green red roundel, stylized compass, blue orange roundel, Gulf

1924: B/A entered the U.S. as a producing company with the formation of the Toronto Pipeline Company to gather crude from the Illinois Oil Field. B/A was selling its products in the U.S. through U.S. Agents.

1925: B/A set up the British American Oil Producing Company in the U.S. to develop their oil fields in the Southern States. B/A opened their first company owned service station in this year at the corner of Bloor Street and Delaware Avenue in Toronto and instructed all employees who owned cars to fill up at this station to impress the motoring public who soon followed and B/A opened 3 more company stations this year.

1926: B/A had the second highest sales in Canada by volume, and service stations were evolving into first class, full service outlets.

1927: President S. R. Parson died. The issued capital for B/A was over 10 million dollars. Over the next four years, further capital was obtained through stock issues, and the Clear Vision Pump Company acquired other concerns in Canada and the United States which were transacting the same general type of business. Eventually the manufacturing and selling operations were transferred to a newly created company called the Service Station Equipment Company Limited, which was renamed International Metal Industries Limited.

1928: Mr. Ellsworth assumed the position of President. At approximately this time Mr. Ellsworth sketched the Bow-Tie (Union Jack) logo, with the words Service/Products, which was finalized by advertising manager Jack Turnpenny, and used for 20 years. Prior to this B/A had used the Vulcan (blacksmith with a hammer and anvil), and Lifesaver, logos. In this era, Mr. Ellsworth was known to give a monthly allowance (unofficial pension) to destitute retiring employees.

   B/A introduced its wet batteries, and about this time introduced the first B/A road maps.

B/A road map, circa 1929.

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