Logos throughout the years: vulcan, lifesaver, bow tie, green red roundel, stylized compass, blue orange roundel, Gulf

1930:   B/A moved up plans for a new refinery in Montreal to process
crude from Texas and to meet the requirements of an expanding Quebec market.

1931:   B/A offered a cleaning solvent, the first oil company to do so.

The Montreal plant went on line.
B/A plant at Outremont, Montreal.

A tanker fleet was built. The Britamoil, a leased unit, and
the Britamolene, were built by British shipyards, with the
Britamette, the Britamlube, and the Britamaco, added later.

The Britamaco
The Britamaco.
The Britamlube
The Britamlube.

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