Logos throughout the years: vulcan, lifesaver, bow tie, green red roundel, stylized compass, blue orange roundel, Gulf

1936:   B/A drilled a well away from the so-called Turner Valley naptha field, and struck oil, naming the well Turner Valley Royalties # 1. B/A had a combined total of 5,500 company and dealer owned service stations and 813 bulk distribution plants.

1938:   A new B/A refinery was under construction in Calgary, Alberta. B/A had a fleet of 5 ocean tankers, 5 lake tankers, and owned and leased a combined total of 450 tank cars. B/A subsidiaries in the U.S. extended into Oklahoma, Texas, Montana and Kansas.

B/A Refinery on State Capital Grounds,
Oklamaha City, Oklamaha.

B/A introduced the Clean Across Canada restroom slogan.

1939:  The Calgary, Alberta Refinery was put on line and started processing crude oil from Turner Valley. Also, around this time, B/A was a sponsor of the radio show, The Adventures of Jimmie Allen, urging youngsters to "Call in at your local B/A station and ask your friendly dealer how you can eventually become a flight-lieutenant - wings and all!"

Jimmie Allen.

 At approximately this time B/A used the slogan;

"In the air…on water…and on land, its B/A all the way!"

In the air, on water, and on land, its B/A all the way.

1941:    The war effort resulted in the Clarkson, Ontario, Plant under construction, being modified to enable it to produce the much needed aviation fuel when completed, and the B/A tanker fleet was redirected to haul oils and fuels to England. B/A completed the Montreal-Portland pipeline connecting a terminal in Portland, Maine to the Montreal East Refinery permitting year round delivery of Venezuelan crude.

1943:    The Clarkson Plant opened with a production of 11,500 barrels of aviation fuel per day as well as a variety of high grade specialty lube oils. Mr.Whiteford (an American) who was Executive Vice President of the B/A subsidiary company in the U.S. became President of B/A and took over the Toronto Head Office replacing Mr. Ellsworth who had failing health and became a Chairman, a position he would retain until his death.

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