1944:   A gas re-pressurizing and recycling system was built at Longview Alberta to conserve the declining resources of the Turner Valley Field. During the building of the Alaska Highway, more than 100 large storage tanks from the Prairie Provinces were dismantled, moved to various locations along the highway, and then reassembled to provide the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers with sufficient fuel to meet their needs. This also necessitated the use of 350 tank trucks to haul the fuel. Of the 840 B/A employees who went off to war, all were hired back and those who made the supreme sacrifice were honored by B/A. B/A purchased the Union Oil Company of Canada on the Pacific coast and Vancouver Island, thus fulfilling Mr. Ellsworth's dream of a company from coast to coast. B/A expanded in the U.S. with 375 wells at the Steamboat Butte and Pilot Butte
Oil Fields near Casper, Wyoming. B/A introduced its Peerless Motor Oil and the first Service Awards for its dealers.

Peerless Motor Oil.
Appreciation Plaque and Lapel Pin.

B/A was named the exclusive distributor of Fisk Tires in
Canada, and the Fisk Boy became a B/A trademark by adoption.Fisk Boy.

1946:   B/A made arrangements with L.V. Cashin, a Newfoundland
businessman, to distribute B/A products there.

Immediately after the war, Gulf Oil bought a 20% interest in B/A

.Gulf logo.

1947:  Mr. Whiteford sanctioned a new B/A symbol, the Bow-Tie. One story is that
Thor Hansen developed the new Bow-Tie symbol while Count Sahknoffsky completed it.

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