Logos throughout the years: vulcan, lifesaver, bow tie, green red roundel, stylized compass, blue orange roundel, Gulf

1950:  Mr. Albert Leroy Ellsworth died on November 29th at 74 years of age.
B/A had nearly 60 crude oil wells in Alberta. The Toronto Refinery was closed.
B/A 88 and 98 gasolines were introduced.
B-A 88 & 98 gasolines.

1951:   B/A planned the building of the B/A Peerless, one of the largest lake
tankers in the world. B/A President W.K. Whiteford took a position with the
Gulf Oil Corp. in the U.S., and the resulting vacancy at B/A was filled by
Ole Burg Jr. B/A opened a new refinery in Edmonton with Alberta's first
catalytic cracking unit. B/A built a new eight story British American Oil
Building on the corner of Bay and College streets in Toronto, Ontario.
B/A Oil Building under construction, Bay and College streets, Toronto.

Thor Hansen's floral and fauna artworks, used to decorate the interior of the new
British American Oil Building, achieved national and international fame and were
expanded to every B/A installation across Canada.

Thor Hansen.
Thor Hansen

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